Fuerteventura Half Marathon Dunes de Corralejo - Corralejo (Spain)

The town and resort of Corralejo is located on the northern tip of Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands. At its center Corralejo remains a traditional fishing village, however, along the waterfront there is a promenade that is lined with cafes and restaurants. The beaches in Corralejo are the resort's major attraction. In addition, there are several miles of sand dunes located nearby, which have been designated as a nature reserve. This is where the "Fuerteventura Half Marathon Dunes de Corralejo" takes place, crossing the Dunes National Park in its entirety. The half marathon is practically a desert trail race with outstanding marine landscapes, or - as the organizers put it - "a European event with an African taste". The half marathon requires the participants to be semi-selfsufficient to leave no impact on the natural surroundings.

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