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ITALY EMILIA ROMAGNA — 2017-06-02 — Novafeltria (Rimini). "Stranovafeltria".

ITALY SARDEGNA — 2017-06-03 — La Maddalena (Olbia-Tempio). "Mezza maratona del Parco Nazionale dell'Arcipelago de La Maddalena".

ITALY LIGURIA — 2017-06-03 — San Lorenzo al Mare (Imperia). "Sanremo Half Marathon".

ITALY LIGURIA — 2017-06-03 — Sanremo (Imperia). "Portosole Sanremo Half Marathon, Run For The Whales".

CZECH REPUBLIC — 2017-06-03 — Ceske Budejovice. "Ceske Budejovice Half Marathon".

MALAWI — 2017-06-03 — Lake Malawi. "Malawi Impact Marathon". The latest installment of the Impact Marathon Series - the ever Malawi race will be creating a stir on the banks of Lake Malawi. More than a marathon this is a global movement to change the world community by community, run by run. We believe in the power of running to empower our runners, our charity projects and our community. You will be living in the Athletes Village located on the banks of Lake Malawi - literally every single day you will wake up to the sound of lapping waves, and every single night you will see the sunset down over the lake as you chat with 100 other awesome people about the experiences you have shared that day. You will be visiting and engaging in the exact projects you have fundraised for around the village of Nkope and you will see clearly your power to make the world better. We work, across our races, with the U.N. Global Goals - here in Malawi your fundraising will go towards: Goal 1 End Poverty, Goal 2 No Hunger, Goal 3 Good Health & Well-Being. And, yes, you will also run a frighteningly tough 42, 21 or 5km race in the African heat, with beaches, the most beautiful Lake in the world, rural villages and an incredible community. It is like running, only a whole bunch more powerful.

GERMANY — 2017-06-03 — Monchengladbach. "Marathon Monchengladbach".

ITALY PUGLIA — 2017-06-04 — Bosco Difesa di Gravina in Puglia (Bari). "Trail delle cinque querce".

ITALY VENETO — 2017-06-04 — Verona. "Palio del drappo verde, Valpantena Trail".

THAILAND — 2017-06-04 — Phuket. "Laguna Phuket Marathon & Half Marathon".

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CALIFORNIA — 2017-06-04 — San Diego. "Rock 'n' roll San Diego Marathon".

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA VIRGINIA — 2017-06-04 — Doswell. "Run & Ride Kings Dominion". 5K and 1-mile run on Sat., June 3, 2017; QM and half-marathon on Sun., June 4, 2017. Kings Dominion knows how to bring the fun - from thrill rides like Intimidator 305, Grizzly, Anaconda, and Delirium to super-fun half, quarter-marathon (6.5 miles), 5K, and 1-mile races with the Run & Ride Race Series! These events will have you twisting and turning through the park way before any of the other thrillseekers get to walk through the gates. Participants also enjoy some fabulous swag - a ticket to the park! You don't want to miss this one-of-a-kind race. Share the fun by bringing the family along and enjoy discounted park tickets for race weekend.

CHILE — 2017-06-04 — Easter Island. "Rapanui Marathon".

CANADA QUEBEC — 2017-06-04 — Saint Paul d'Abbotsford. "Demi Marathon dei Vignobles".

ITALY MARCHE — 2017-06-04 — Gabicce Monte (Pesaro-Urbino). "Eco mezza La Panoramica, Trofeo Aido".

ITALY MARCHE — 2017-06-04 — Acquaviva Picena (Ascoli Piceno). "Mezza maratona della Fortezza".

SWITZERLAND — 2017-06-09 — Biel. "Nacht Halbmarathon".

ITALY PUGLIA — 2017-06-10 — Cagnano Varano (Foggia). "Maratona e ultramaratona del Gargano".

ITALY FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA — 2017-06-10 — Lignano Sabbiadoro (Udine). "Lignano half marathon".

IRELAND GALWAY — 2017-06-10 — Portumna. "Portumna Forest Marathon". Taking part in the Portumna Forest Marathon is a spiritual experience - while it tests the body physically it soothes the mind in equal proportions. The runners, crew and marshalls blend in with the environment and although there is plenty of clapping and encouragement for the runners there is a serenity about the place that bows down to the beauty of the natural environment. Everyone talks a little softer and smiles a little wider. When those inevitable Irish rain showers put in their short but frequent appearances, everyone looks up at the rain drops through the leaves and marvels at the reflections of the rainbows in the puddles - appreciating the fact that the rain had a vital role to play in providing such a luscious backdrop for the run.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA PENNSYLVANIA — 2017-06-10 — Oil City. "Paul Richey Memorial 1/2 Marathon and 5K". 3.1 and 13.1 miles on the scenic Samuel Justus Trail. This out and back course along the Allegheny River is very fast and very flat. The start/finish of the course will be on the north end of the trail in Oil City. The turnaround will be near the Salt Box House at the Franklin parking lot and trailhead. Family and friends can then cheer on runners at both ends of the course. You can choose to run on the paved surface or you can run on a packed dirt surface. Both surfaces run the length of the trail. Proceeds benefit the Oil City and Franklin YMCA's.

FINLAND — 2017-06-10 — Helsinki. "Helsinky Half Marathon".

GERMANY — 2017-06-10 — Altenburg. "Skatstadt Marathon".

ITALY EMILIA ROMAGNA — 2017-06-11 — Suviana di Castel di Casio (Bologna). "Maratona di Suviana, Maratonina del Lago".

LITHUANIA — 2017-06-11 — Kaunas. "Kauno Maratonas".

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