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UNITED STATES OF AMERICA MARYLAND — 2020-09-30 — Westminster. "David Herlocker Half Marathon". This year’s race is Virtual and FREE due to Covid-19. Register by September 15. Post times anytime between September 1-30.

ITALY LAZIO — 2020-10-03 — Roma. "Roma by Night Run".

KENYA — 2020-10-03 — Lukenya. "Kenya Wildlife Marathon". Join us and combine the majesty of the ancient race with the beauty of Kenya's natural resources. Encompassing hundreds of acres of grasslands, rocky hills and river-beds, the Lukenya Sanctuary is just that, a slice of natural paradise. Teeming with zebras, wildebeests, giraffes and more, humans remain the distinct minority at this veritably unspoiled reserve. Match this with the reliably beautiful weather Kenya enjoys in lying by the Equator, and it becomes quite clear why we chose Lukenya Hills as the setting for our safari marathon. Join us as we launch a thrilling new marathon tradition, combining the majesty of the ancient race with the beauty of Kenya's natural treasures. Run through a private wildlife sanctuary in Kenya. Packages include accommodations, transportation, sightseeing, game drives, all meals. It will change you! Don't miss out. This is sold only as a complete all-inclusive package. Options to extend longer or visit training camp and train with Kenyans.

SLOVENIA — 2020-10-03 — Novo Mesto. "Novomeški 1/2 Maraton". Nice course, beautiful weather, great atmosphere, good organization, happy people - this is Novo Mesto Half Marathon.

ITALY MARCHE — 2020-10-04 — Montecassiano (Macerata). "Mezza maratona dei Sughitti".

ITALY LAZIO — 2020-10-04 — Rieti. "Maratona cittā di Rieti, Cinque maratone di autunno (terza tappa)".

ITALY CAMPANIA — 2020-10-04 — Telese Terme (Benevento). "Telesia Half Marathon".

ITALY TOSCANA — 2020-10-04 — Signa (Firenze). "Demi Marathon".

ITALY LIGURIA — 2020-10-04 — Sestri Levante (Genova). "La mezza tra le baie, Sette miglia da favola".

ITALY TRENTINO ALTO ADIGE — 2020-10-04 — Trento. "Trento Half Marathon". International Half Marathon. It is a flat race in the city - one lap. International champions.

ITALY SARDEGNA — 2020-10-04 — Olbia (Sassari). "Mezza maratona cittā di Olbia".

ITALY TOSCANA — 2020-10-04 — Marina di Campo (Livorno). "Maratona dell'Isola d'Elba".

GERMANY — 2020-10-04 — Cologne. "Generali Köln Marathon". The lively city Cologne on the Rhine, or "Kölle" as we locals call it, offers you a wealth of cultural activities, international trade fairs and conferences, and numerous major events, including the annual Koeln Marathon.

GERMANY RHINELAND-PALATINATE — 2020-10-04 — Kandel. "Bienwald Marathon". [German] Der Bienwald-Marathon powered by Bitburger 0,0% zählt zu den fünf schnellsten Marathons Deutschlands. Hier kann man sich jederzeit auf eine Bestzeit freuen! Durch die topfebene Topographie kann man schnell und gleichmäßig laufen. Der Frühjahrsklassiker welcher seit 1976 ausgetragen wird geht somit nun in seine 45. Auflage. Der gleichzeitig stattfindende nationale Halbmarathon findet zum 42. mal in Kandel statt.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA NEW HAMPSHIRE — 2020-10-04 — Hampton. "Smuttynose Rockfest Half Marathon and 5K". The 13th Annual Smuttynose Rockfest Half Marathon and 5k is returning to Hampton Beach, NH on Sunday, October 4, 2020, for another day of rocking and running! Join thousands of runners and spectators at New England's fastest, flattest, and most scenic road race where you celebrate your finish with a huge party featuring Smuttynose craft beer, Stonyfield yogurt, lobstah rolls, clam chowdah, and live music!

ITALY LOMBARDIA — 2020-10-04 — Mantova. "Mantova Half Marathon".

AUSTRIA — 2020-10-04 — Salzburg. "Jedermannlauf". The Jedermannlauf is a half marathon with big tradition in Salzburg. On a 7.03 kilometer long course, which has to be completed three times for the half marathon, participants get a special running event in the center of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe by passing most of the well known sights of the city directly. The special concept of the event: Even during the race every participant can decide after which lap to finish the race - everyone will be put automatically in the right ranking. Cause of special COVID-19-measures there will be some organizational changes compared to last years. For example there will be no dressing rooms and no mass start. Participants start there race within a previously individually defined time slot of 15 minutes over a period of one and a half hour.

ITALY VENETO — 2020-10-04 — Belluno. "Belluno-Feltre Run".

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CALIFORNIA — 2020-10-09 — South Lake Tahoe. "Lakeside Marathon & Nevada Half Marathon". The Lakeside Marathon starts at 6:30am at Lakeside Beach in California and runs into Nevada and ends in Incline Village, NV. The Nevada Half Marathon runs all downhill from Spooner Summit and ends also at Incline Village. Start time is 8:20am. These are two of the most beautiful runs you will ever do.

ISRAEL — 2020-10-09 — Rosh Ha’ayin. "The Bible Marathon". The ancient running challenge. One of the first runs recorded in human history - long before the marathon in Greek mythology - is mentioned in the Bible, at the beginning of the book of Samuel. At the end of the war between the Israelites and the Philistines, the Man of Benjamin runs from the battlefield at Eben Ezer (modern day Rosh Ha ayin) to Shiloh, city of the Tabernacle. Many centuries later, the founder of the Maccabiah games, Yosef Yekutieli, set out to measure the length of the course from Rosh Ha ayin to Shiloh, in the Benjamin region. He was amazed to find that the length of this historic path precisely matched that of the modern marathon - 42 kilometers (the official length of the Olympic running contest, determined in 1908 at the London Olympics). Bible marathon - running history!

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA NEVADA — 2020-10-10 — Sand Harbor. "Cal Neva Marathon & Carnelian Bay Half Marathon". The Cal Neva Marathon runs through two States and the Carnelian Bay Half Marathon is an all California scenic Half Marathon. The Cal Neva Marathon runs from Sand Harbor, NV to Homewood, CA. Start times are 6:30am and 8:30am with earlier start times for walkers. Events are a la carte events or can be part of the Tahoe Triple and the Tahoe Trifecta. These are two of the most beautiful events you will ever do. These events are on Saturday.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ILLINOIS — 2020-10-10 — Vernon Hills. "Des Plaines River Trail Races". The DPR trail is a wide, crushed gravel course run along the Des Plaines River about 35 miles north of Chicago. This is a great course through alternating lush forests and open wetlands. The Marathon is a Boston Qualifier.

ITALY EMILIA ROMAGNA — 2020-10-11 — Correggio (Reggio Emilia). "Camminata di San Luca, Maratonina Dorando Pietri".

ITALY PIEMONTE — 2020-10-11 — Rivoli (Torino). "Torino Half Marathon, T-Fast".

ITALY TOSCANA — 2020-10-11 — Pisa. "Pisa Half Marathon".

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