Running a Half Marathon in Honolulu

Honolulu is home to several running events including the "Hibiscus Honolulu Half Marathon" in June.

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Other half marathons in Hawaii:

  • Maui Paradise Half Marathon, Maui (Hawaii)
  • Maui Oceanfront Half Marathon, Lahaina (Hawaii)
  • Run for the Whales Half Marathon, Wailea (Hawaii)
  • Big Island International Half Marathon, Hilo (Hawaii)
  • Divas Wahine Half Marathon, Honolulu (Hawaii)
  • Hibiscus Half Marathon, Honolulu (Hawaii)
  • Ka'u Family Fun Fest Half Marathon, Na'aluehu (Hawaii)
  • Kona Half Marathon, Keauhou (Hawaii)
  • Rain Forest Runs Half Marathon, Volcano (Hawaii)
  • The Kauai Half Marathon, Poipu (Hawaii)
  • Windward Half Marathon, Kailua (Hawaii)
  • Maui Half Marathon, Lahaina (Hawaii)
  • Gunstock Trails Half Marathon, Laie (Hawaii)

Honolulu is the capital of the U.S. State of Hawaii. In the Hawaiian language, Honolulu means "sheltered bay" or "place of shelter". Evidence of the first settlement of Honolulu by the original Polynesian migrants to the archipelago comes from oral histories and artifacts. These indicate that there was a settlement where Honolulu now stands in the 12th century. However, after Kamehameha I conquered Oahu in the Battle of Nuuanu at Nuuanu Pali, he moved his royal court from the Island of Hawaii to Waikiki in 1804. His court later relocated, in 1809, to what is now downtown Honolulu.

In 1795, Captain William Brown of England was the first foreigner to sail into what is now Honolulu Harbor. More foreign ships would follow, making the port of Honolulu a focal point for merchant ships traveling between North America and Asia. In 1845, Kamehameha III moved the permanent capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom from Lahaina on Maui to Honolulu. He and the kings that followed him transformed Honolulu into a modern capital, erecting buildings such as St. Andrew's Cathedral, Iolani Palace, and Aliiolani Hale. At the same time, Honolulu became the center of commerce in the islands, with descendants of American missionaries establishing major businesses in downtown Honolulu.

Despite the turbulent history of the late 19th century and early 20th century, which saw the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy, Hawaii's subsequent annexation by the United States, and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Honolulu would remain the capital, largest city, and main airport and seaport of the Hawaiian islands.

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